Using your Galaxy Note device as a tablet for osu!

September 19, 2016 — by aixxe

The debate of 'best pointing input method' in osu! is one that rages on to this day with no end in sight. Some players prefer a graphics tablet while others use a mouse and let's not forget the few touchscreen users. When I first started playing with only a mouse at my disposal I wanted to try the alternatives at least once, but the closest I had to a tablet was my Galaxy Note 3 and that's exactly what this post is all about.

An introduction to Source hacking on Linux.

September 18, 2016 — by aixxe

In this post, I'll be touching on some of the concepts of internal hacking, specifically on Linux and how we can modify game behavior by reading, writing memory and intercepting function calls. This is mainly for those who already have some basic experience, likely with game hacking on Windows, and want to build existing or brand new projects on Linux.

Loading, unloading & reloading shared libraries

September 07, 2016 — by aixxe

Recently I've been working on various projects for different Source games, all of which are loaded into the game process as a shared library. Everything works well, apart from when any changes need to be made to the code. Up until now I've been restarting the game every time I changed even a single line, simply because I wasn't sure how to unload the library. Fortunately, this is no longer an issue.

Importing Counter-Strike: Source assets for Momentum Mod

September 06, 2016 — by aixxe

Momentum Mod is a free standalone Source Engine modification that brings surf and bunnyhopping gamemodes from Counter-Strike: Source with a variety of quality of life improvements. At the time of writing it's still in an early stage but the mod shows great potential. You can even play on existing maps, but that's where you might run into some issues.